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Instagram is a money-making machine. With about a billion active users, it's THE place for brands to be. And the more followers you have, the more money will roll in. But how to get to Insta-prominence? Growing your follower count can be tough work. We can do the hard work for you, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to attract real, active followers who are likely to love your brand.

A Smarter way to grow

There are lots of companies out there that claim they can help you grow your Instagram following. You could try buying fake followers for dirt cheap, but that will only hurt your account in the end. You could hire an ordinary automation service, but they simply follow hundreds of accounts for you each day with no strategy in place. Even the best-case scenario, you'll only get about 500 to 1000 new followers per month within your niche. To really grow your Instagram following, you need a smarter plan. Our AI algorithm carefully selects accounts within your niche that have the highest likelihood of engaging with your brand. With our curated methods, we improve results by more than 300%, promising you an unparalleled 2500+ new, real followers each month. No other Instagram growth product services the tech or the knowhow to boast those kind of numbers.

Using Artificial Intelligence to dramatically improve your number of followers

Here's how it works.

Our AI engine sifts through thousands of accounts so you don't have to. Here's what a typical process looks like.

Customize your campaign

We get to know your niche. Every brand has one and they all work a bit differently in terms of engagement.

Watch and learn

We look at all the accounts in your niche and rank them based on how active they are, how many people they follow back and more. This is a huge list.

Analyze with AI

We narrow down the list to the 10% of accounts most likely to engage with your brand and genuinely like your content using cognitive prediction powered by AI.

Take Action

We follow these carefully-selected accounts and engage with them by liking their posts. This is much more likely to trigger a follow back.

People love us, just look at our reviews.

Insta Expansion has been fabulous at growing the followings, and opportunities, of about a dozen up-and-coming models in our agency. Great work!

Jenna Nagy

Social Media Manager.
Aston Models and Talent Los Angeles Agency
Beverly Hills, CA

These guys are simply the best. I've used other growth services, along with every other IG tactic. None of which compare to the quality of followers combined with the speed of growth. My side projects (PPC, affiliate sales, etc) now earn me more than my day job.

Michael Wisniewski

New York, NY

My clients' Instagram reach have grown steadily since we've been using Insta Expansion. A few thousand real followers each month, with great customer service, we are happy to be a customer :)

Megan Nash

Account Manager. Ignite Social Media
Birmingham, MI
Instagram automation works all hours of the day, so our customers don't have to

Why buy fake followers or likes when you can earn them?

There are some offers out there that promise things like 10,000 new followers for $15. Sure, it sounds great in theory. But the problem is that those 10,000 followers aren't real people. They won't like your photos or engage with your brand. Even worse is that low engagement means Instagram will send fewer people your way over time, leaving you in a worse position than when you started.

Our methods ensure that you get real followers without setting off red flags to the Instagram police either. It's a proven method that we've used time and time again to bring brands to prominence.

Gain 2500+ Real followers per month

Get your first month free and you'll start seeing your follower count go up immediately. And after that, we guarantee you'll get 2500 followers per month or your money back. Don't sleep on the chance to expand your brand's social footprint in a smart, easy way.

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