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Why Instagram?

With Instagram expected to hit 1 billion monthly active users sometime in 2018, there is no better time to grow your Instagram following. Instagram is, far and away, the best social media network for monetizing your following. Hundreds of thousands of Insta-entrepreneurs have already capitalized on this brand-new industry. Have you ever seen a model on Instagram clearly displaying the purse she is wearing? If so, she is getting paid for it. Have you ever seen a guest-post, or shout-out? If so, that was a paid advertisement. Additionally, Instagram is being used as an effective way to drive real sales and reach for your online business.

Instagram Automation

& Why A Real Following Matters

Instagram automaton works by following hundreds of Instagram accounts per day. After a few days, those same accounts will be unfollowed; but you keep the new followers who checked out your page and liked it. Some online services sell fake followers for very cheap prices. Not only can you not monetize a fake following, but it will drastically decrease your engagement number telling Instagram you have low-quality content.

Targeted Services

Insta Expansion offers targeted services by only engaging with, and as a result being followed-back by, Instagram accounts in your niche. This is done by searching for users who used hashtags, followed people, and liked images relevant to your desired niche. If you wish, we can target specific Instagram accounts whom you wish to engage with their followers or photo likers.

Artificial Intelligence

The Future is Here

Using our unique Artificial Intelligence Engine we can find which users, in your niche, are most likely to enjoy your content and follow you back. Finding these users achieves a higher probability of success everytime we engage you with another user.

Full-Speed Premium Service

$ 139

/ month

  • 3000+ New Monthly Followers
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Custom Targeted Campaign
  • 100% Secure
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine

In order to avoid getting your account flagged, we will need to warm-up your account over a period of 25 days, before full-speed is reached. We also prefer to work with Instagram accounts that are more than 6 months old.